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美国五分之一的人有学习差异(LD). Terms such as learning difference, learning disability, 甚至学习障碍都指的是我们所说的LD. 这 is not about intelligence, 尽管一个人会遇到挑战,尤其是在阅读方面, writing and math. 学习 differences can exist with other challenges such as problems with executive function, anxiety or even 注意力缺陷多动症. Individuals with LD also possess great strengths and the lists here include traits that are meant to help you understand LD over time; they are not meant to be a diagnostic tool.


Children with learning differences are typically bright, outgoing, and often, very verbal. 当更正式的语言学习开始时,迹象就开始出现了.

  • Difficulty with rhyming
  • Appreciates routines
  • Trouble recognizing letters of alphabet
  • 努力工作
  • 说话慢一点
  • Unable to find the right words
  • 经常创造性
  • Tells the truth
  • Usually follows rules

学校 年龄 Child

一旦孩子开始上学,需求就会增加, 学习差异的影响变得更加明显.

  • 挑战 with spelling
  • Often has a good sense of humor
  • Difficulty learning math facts
  • 喜欢拼图 
  • Bright and curious
  • Self esteem begins to deteriorate 
  • 看到模式
  • Doesn’t want to go to school
  • 身体不适(胃痛、头痛等)
  • Likes to help others


青少年s with learning differences continue to experience academic and learning challenges as the workload increases. 他们也开始了解并利用自己的优势.

  • Can be very verbal
  • Skilled at problem solving
  • 有时性格开朗,有幽默感
  • Perceive themselves as ‘dumb’ in school
  • 家庭作业和完成作业有困难
  • Understands real-world math
  • Can be disorganized
  • 可能退出
  • Artistic and creative
  • May excel at sports or music


尽管成年人在阅读方面可能仍然有困难, writing and math, they can find their niche in life and in the workplace by identifying and using their many strengths.

  • 可怜的记忆
  • Difficulty following verbal directions
  • Creative and clever
  • Adept problem solvers
  • 好的倾听者
  • 可能会在整个童年时期都感到不成功的痛苦
  • 当成功时,他们可能会觉得自己像个骗子
  • Can experience increased motivation
  • 完善的战略以支持挑战
  • May be incredibly resilient

Your Questions Answered

Top questions answered by CHC experts.

Can a 学习 Difference be “cured”?

学习 differences cannot be cured, but one can learn to live with and actually celebrate their conditions if they are aware of them. Each person is a unique individual with a combination of strengths and challenges. Learner variability can be supported at home and at school through self- awareness and self-advocacy. If not diagnosed, 有学习差异的人可能会感到焦虑, frustration and loss of self-esteem. 因此, when there are concerns, it is important to seek professional help and obtain an evaluation so that support can begin.


No. The opposite is true. Those with learning differences are typically bright and outgoing and simply have brains that are wired a particular way. Students with dyslexia, 例如, may be slow readers who are clever, creative problem-solvers in other areas. 学习差异通常存在于耶鲁大学的LD专家Dr. Sally Shaywitz calls “a sea of gifts.” Early evaluation is important so that the family and the child can begin on the path of self-awareness and self-advocacy and get back to a sense of wellbeing and empowerment.

How is a 学习 Difference Diagnosed?

When a family is concerned that a student’s progress in school could be the result of a learning difference, 与专业人士交谈是很重要的, beginning with the pediatrician. The pediatrician may refer the family to a learning and mental health group that can provide advice, 如果需要的话, 心理教育评估,以确定孩子如何学习. 这 评估可以包括一个包括心理学家在内的团队, 语言治疗师和职业治疗师. 一旦孩子的优势和挑战被确定, further recommendations can be made for the types of help that are right for the child at school and at home.

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