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¡Bienvenidos! 欢迎!

我们很高兴见到你. Our nurturing specialists provide assessment and behavioral health services to underserved families, 提升社会, emotional and developmental barriers to learning and life success. We proudly work with Santa Clara County Medi-Cal families in both Spanish and English ensuring cost isn’t a barrier to getting help.


Best in class mental health services for ages 6-18.

  • 方便

    Our clinicians and specialists work in your neighborhood, 包括帕洛阿尔托, 东帕洛阿尔托, East Menlo Park and South 圣荷西.

  • 评估

    Our variety of mental health specialists will evaluate your child to help identify specific areas that need attention.

  • 治疗

    Together we remove barriers to learning, helping your child become resilient and successful at home, 在学校和生活中.

  • 西班牙语服务

    Cultural sensitivity is critical to our programs. Our multicultural and bilingual staff works with families in both Spanish and English.

圣克拉拉加州医疗中心 Evaluation & 治疗服务

CHC proudly offers these services for Santa Clara County Medi-Cal families. 了解更多关于 qualifying for Medi-Cal benefits.

    • 心理评估

      Examines your child’s emotions, behavior and 社会 skills. Results can inform positive coping strategies to reduce stress and enrich competence and well being.

    • Psychoeducational Evaluation

      Examines how your child learns, identifying strengths and challenges. Collaboration between mental health and learning specialists, and may involve an occupational therapist or speech/language pathologist.

    • Multidisciplinary Evaluation

      A collaboration of experts from various disciplines for a more comprehensive look into your child’s learning and behavior.

    • 精神评估

      Based on behaviors related to physical, 遗传, 环境, 社会, 认知, emotional and educational factors.

    • Autism / Developmental Evaluation

      If your child is showing signs of developmental delays or autism, early intervention gives your child a better chance at long-term success.

    • 智商/智力测试

      Measures thinking and problem-solving skills to show a child’s intellectual potential.

    • 个体心理治疗

      1-on-1 sessions in a safe and supportive environment to develop coping strategies and improve overall 社会, emotional and behavioral well-being.

    • 家庭心理治疗

      Multiple family members address challenges, communication styles and conflicts, aiming to create a healthier and stronger home environment.

    • 药物管理

      Collaborate with parents and health care providers to recommend and monitor safe, 有效的, and appropriate medication strategies to help with functional improvement.

    • 家长辅导/支持

      A collaborative approach to the parenting journey helps parents develop the best tools and practices for their children’s unique needs.

    • Early Support for Autism (ESPA)

      Clinical care coordination and parent education at no cost to families of individuals with suspected or diagnosed autism.

    • 眼压上升

      Comprehensive DBT intensive outpatient program (IOP) for teens (ages 13-18). MESA奖学金.


What ages do you accept for 临床服务 (Medi-Cal)?

6 - 18岁.

How does a Medi-Cal CBO provider refer a client for CHC Evaluation 服务?

请填写 这张必需的表格 然后用 CHC’s Care Team Booking Form and indicate your name and agency when booking the call to get information for next steps. You can also make an appointment via phone at 650.688.3650 (English or Español) or email careteam@bjyoujiao.com.

Can you make a 临床服务 (Private Pay) appointment at CHC’s South Bay office?

Private Pay appointments are only available in the Palo Alto office at this time. 请拨打650.688.3625 (650.688.3650 Español)或电子邮件 careteam@bjyoujiao.com 开始吧.



Does CHC offer court-ordered Parenting Classes?

没有,请浏览 加州法院 for Family Court 服务 Programs in your County. 或者,请浏览 County of Santa Clara Superior Court for Family Court 服务 in Santa Clara County.


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I’m grateful for coming to CHC because you have ‘integrity.’ I try to teach my kids how to give 100%, and I see that from CHC. I am so grateful you listened and cared, and you have answers.
— Monolingual Spanish speaking father (translated)